Perfect Network Connections


Perfect Network Connectivity around the World

Around the World in 80 Days? Anexia does it in 180ms! With global data centers, we can transport your bits from A to B almost at the speed of light. We always select the best route for your data to guarantee a safe, reliable and fast data transfer.

Perfect Network Connectivity around the World
Fully Redundant Fully Redundant

Full redundancy is a must-have for us! We maintain contracts with numerous well-known and independent carriers and providers and are thus able to offer nearly 100% availability via the world's most important internet nodes. In addition, our offices are connected to at least two different core routers.

Low Latency Low Latency

Proximity to the customer is particularly important for us. The closer we are, the less the latency and the higher the performance of our services. With locations worldwide, we can offer our customers perfectly tailored solutions. Speed always counts and, with Anexia, you always get the top speed available!

Around the Globe Around the Globe

From New York to Osaka or from Vienna to Rio de Janeiro, no matter how many miles there are between the destinations for your data, we guarantee the quickest route at all time with our more than 1.000 peering points! High latencies caused by complicated routings can be kept to a minimum through partnerships with selected incumbents.

Looking Glass

Test our global data centers (trace route, ping, MTR, GeoDNS queries) through our Looking Glass.

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Always the perfect internet connection
Network Connection
Internet Knots
Peering Partner
Internet Nodes
Peering Partners
International Carriers

A fast, reliable and secure data exchange is very important to us. That's why we've ensured that we're connected to the world's most important internet nodes. By connecting to internet exchanges, we reduce latency between consumers and our infrastructure and achieve optimal performance for our clients' infrastructure.

ANEXIA - First Triple!

We were the first ISP to be connected to DE-CIX in Frankfurt, UAE-IX in Dubai and DE-CIX in New York.

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ANEXIA - First in UAE!

We were the first European provider to be connected to the United Arab Emirates internet exchange.

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Together we are strong! In order to provide optimum performance for our customers, we have partnered with leading ISPs to share information about global network infrastructure.

In total, we have more than 1.000 valuable peering partners to guarantee short latencies for all end users.

Some of our direct carriers:

Without the major carriers, a global network wouldn't be possible. Their backbones provide the foundation for rapid data transmission around the globe. We even use services of some major international providers for many of the services we offer.

Some of our direct carriers:

Key figures of our network connectivity
  • Cisco, Juniper and similar platforms
  • Each router is at least 4x10G connected to the Anexia Backbone
  • HSRP/VRRP configuration for a redundant default gateway
  • Continuous monitoring by Anexia's NOC.
  • No downtime during maintenance.
  • Internal BGP and OSPF for flexible routing tasks.
  • All routers are connected to each other via redundant ring structures
  • All core components are provided with redundant routing and management engines and have several 100 Gbit backplane capacity
  • Certified Cisco and Juniper network engineers
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