Server Monitoring


Reliable Server Monitoring

Our whole infrastructure is observed by a high-quality monitoring cluster from Paessler. The PRTG network monitor at Anexia supervises more than 50,000 parameters around the clock. External measurement points ensure a view from the outside. This guarantees the rapid detection of routing errors in our infrastructure.

Reliable Server Monitoring

To ensure the availability and reliability of our monitoring clusters, we check our entire monitoring infrastructure with external, independent monitoring services.

  • Full n+1 redundancy clusters.
  • 24/7 monitoring of Anexia's entire core infrastructure.
  • Email and SMS notifications to clients.
  • Own sensors for Windows, databases, etc. to increase performance and reliability.
  • Private customer interface.
Monitoring Login

If you are already an Anexia client, you can log in here at any time. You can obtain your login data from our support team.

Distributed Monitoring
Distributed Monitoring

Our globally distributed monitoring measuring points guarantee the availability of your infrastructure worldwide. International routing problems are identified as soon as possible and can be solved quickly thanks to our distributed infrastructure.

Redundant Monitoring Clusters
Redundant Monitoring Clusters

A redundant monitoring cluster guarantees a fail-safe monitoring of all of our customers's services. High-quality hardware from Dell ensures the smooth operation of our infrastructure.

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