Anexia CloudStore

Secure and Easy Data Transfer

Anexia CloudStore

You want to share a large video with several friends or send a PSD file to a company at the other end of the world? No matter what your needs, the Anexia CloudStore lets you share your data simply, platform independent and with whomever you choose. Simple, secure and straightforward.

Anexia CloudStore
Our Services at a Glance






Business Pro

Storage space

50 GB

100 GB

500 GB

1.000 GB

5.000 GB

Total no. of users

1 user

3 users

5 users

10 users

20 users

Client software
(Linux, Windows and Mac)

Web access

Mobile apps
(Android and iOS)


Image gallery

Public sharing

Data stored

100% in Austria

100% in Austria

100% in Austria

100% in Austria

100% in Austria


ISO 9001 & 27001

ISO 9001 & 27001

ISO 9001 & 27001

ISO 9001 & 27001

ISO 9001 & 27001

Encryption (Storage and Transmission)

Number of packages






Monthly cost pro CloudStore account (excl. VAT)






Monthly cost pro CloudStore account (excl. VAT)






Haven't found the right solution here? No problem! With us, you're not bound to any predefined packages. We're more than glad to develop a CloudStore package that meets your individual needs.

Backup Backup

Your data will be backed up daily in an incremental backup and can be restored at any time up to 7 days retroactively. If you accidentally delete data that you still need, just give us a call and our support team will restore the data from your backup pool.

Simple Sharing Simple Sharing

Whether you want to share a video with a large group or just want to make an important document available to a single person through a password-protected temporary link, Anexia CloudStore puts you in control. The clear and user-friendly design is easy to navigate, even for people without technical background knowledge.

Any Platform Any Platform

Whether you use Windows, Linux or Mac, the free Anexia OnlineBackup client we developed in-house ensures that all of your data ends up in the cloud as easily and quickly as possible and is thus readily accessible from all other terminals.

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