Hosted Backup Solutions

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Backing Up to Be Safe – Hosted Offsite Backups by Anexia

Are you as prepared as you think for all the possible scenarios that could lead to data loss? Often, offsite backups are the only way to be sure that your important corporate data is secure. Anexia offers all levels of external offsite-backup and cloud backup solutions that can be adapted to suit your needs and applications.

Backing Up to Be Safe – Hosted Offsite Backups by Anexia
Daily Checks Daily Checks

Without proper checks, backups are useless. That's why our team logs and checks every backup every day. If something doesn't work as planned, the problem is analyzed and countermeasures taken with the customer being notified in a timely manner.

Global Global

You want to be certain that your data at the other end of the world is secure? No problem! With VPN connections, it's possible to establish an encrypted connection to any of our global data centers and run backup jobs.

Flexibility Flexibility

We offer you a wide range of options to connect the backup storage directly to your system. Whether you use NFS, CIFS, FTP, or iSCSI with your system, we support all major data protocols.

Backup Solutions by Anexia
NetApp BackUp

As a NetApp silver partner, we offer an optimized disk-to-disk replication based one of the most advanced backup systems available today. Mirror your productive NetApp simply to a backup system in one of our global data centers.

With this SnapVault solution, only those blocks of data that have actually been changed are transferred during the daily backup. This has the following advantages:

  • Backups can be significantly accelerated and backup windows can be shortened.
  • Recovery is quick and efficient.
  • Capacity requirement is reduced by up to 90%.
  • Lower costs for infrastructure and administration.

VeeAM Backup

VeeAm backup and replication provides fast, flexible and reliable recovery of virtualized applications and data. Anexia relies on the comprehensive and innovative services of the market leader in virtual backup solutions.

The many pioneering patents and new technologies make it possible for us to offer the following features:

  • 2-in-1: Backup and Replication - image-based backups and replication of VMs in a single solution.
  • Hardware-independent: provides fast backups and replications for all storage types, regardless of manufacturer.
  • One price, many features: centralized management enables deduplication, scalability, replication, logging and recovery, all from a single source.
Anexia OnlineBackup
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Flexibility has a name!

Whether you are the operator of various websites, a passionate amateur photographer or the administrator of an entire exchange cluster, with Anexia OnlineBackup you can protect all your relevant data incrementally on one of our backup storage systems by using the Volume Shadow Copy technology. And all that via an innovatively designed surface.

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