High Quality DDoS Protection

by Anexia

Reliable protection against DDoS attacks

Botnets are one of the darker aspects of the internet. Malware gets distributed around the globe to make bona fide end users unintentionally complicit in so-called denial-of-service (DOS) attacks. These happen when a target receives so many simultaneous attempts to access that the web server sooner or later is pushed to the limits of its performance. Anexia stops these attacks in their tracks! Using hardware with the latest technology and intelligent attack pattern recognition, we have already successfully blocked many DDoS attacks.

Reliable protection against DDoS attacks
Anexia DDOS Protection System

Anexia relies on the high-performance solution by Link11 and Radware, a leading provider of IT security solutions. The DDoS appliance we use automatically detects attacks and blocks known attack patterns within 5 seconds. Attacks can be blocked on both an IPv4 and an IPv6 basis. Radware's 24/7 team of experts continuously updates attack patterns identified by other Radware systems around the globe, achieving the highest levels of security and timely reactions possible.

Anexia DDOS Protection System

The implementation is completely neutral for the entire infrastructure. Integration is done directly on a Layer-2 basis.

Schematic representation:

Some of our customers

Our team has already successfully repelled hundreds of DDoS attacks. Even larger DDoS attacks are not a problem for our infrastructure.

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