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Managed Database – We've got the experience

Databases, the brains of the internet, are very sensitive, yet powerful constructs that have to be properly operated. Often, a database that has been incorrectly configured or installed can create a bottleneck in your infrastructure. Repairs or changes of a certain magnitude can then be done only online with great difficulty. That's why you should rely on the expertise of Anexia from the start and benefit from our extensive range of Managed Database services.

Managed Database – We've got the experience
Installation Installation

From simple LAMP installations all the way to clustered and replicated HA databases, our database administrators can meet any requirement. After your system is installed and configured, it is subjected to a load test to check that it's ready for any and all events.

Monitoring Monitoring

All of our systems are monitored 24/7 by professional monitoring solutions so that our troubleshooting team can take proactive action immediately to remedy any problems that might occur. Our database administrators are also available for consultation about your needs and requirements.

Flexible Flexible

We rely on MySQL, Microsoft SQL, and PostgreSQL, the market leaders among the different database technologies. We install and configure the right solution to meet your needs, ongoing updates and improvements included!

Our services
Our services
  • Full management (installation, configuration)
  • Monitoring
  • Cluster systems
  • Highly-available systems
  • Performance optimization
  • Backup solutions (installation and operation)
  • Flexible pricing policies
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