Web Application Firewalls


Web Application Firewall – Secure and Efficient

Just as varied as the number of web applications in use are the possibilities for finding security vulnerabilities and accessing sensitive data. That's why ANEXIA offers shared web application firewalls. They enable a sustainable and centrally monitored security platform, without affecting performance or requiring complicated installation.

Web Application Firewall – Secure and Efficient
Securely Online
Securely Online

Web applications are often dynamic and thus offer a wide range of targets for different attack patterns. Web application firewalls (WAFs) are used as a kind of access control between user and application so that the application's flexibility is not restricted by efforts to keep it secure. A WAF checks out the users and the data traffic for potential threats and only forwards valid access requests to the web application.

Automatic Blocking Automatic Blocking

All access attempts are controlled at the application level, where they are intelligently searched and filtered against known attack patterns. This prevents attacks like those of zero-day exploits.

Security Security

A centralized, performance-oriented management interface blocks, logs and evaluates SQL injections and XSS attacks before they ever reach the web server.

Transparent Transparent

The use of high-quality hardware means that you won't have to deal with outages or loss of performance during the implementation on your system.

Let yourself be convinced by our references
A look at our data center: AppWall by Radware
A look at our data center: AppWall by Radware

The AppWall by Radware is the flagship among web application firewall solutions and ensures fast, reliable and secure checking of mission-critical web applications. It protects the system against a variety of security issues, such as data manipulation and theft.

Features of our Web-App-Firewall:

  • ICSA certified
  • Out-of-the-box security measures against OWASP top 10 threats
  • 100% protection against theft of sensitive data (such as credit card numbers)
  • Protection against zero-day attacks
  • Protection against protocol exploits
  • And much more ...
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