10 Reasons for a Virtual Data Center

by Anexia

10 Reasons for a Virtual Data Center by Anexia

There are many reasons for a virtual data center. That's why Anexia has specialized in offering them. See once again the most important arguments for working with our team of experts.

10 Reasons for a Virtual Data Center by Anexia

Start small with no investment overhead and simply pay only what you actually use. Pay as you go.


Our data centers hold massive computing and storage capacity. With us, load peaks are a thing of the past with simple links.

Goodbye, Hardware!

Ongoing investments, troubleshooting hardware problems, scaling for peak periods and storage problems – this is just a small sample of the problems that can occur when you run your own data center. We're more than happy to take these problems off your plate. You can be sure that our infrastructure will function.

High Availability

All Anexia components are at least two-times redundant. This achieves the highest availability for our customers. In addition, you don't have to worry about maintenance while enjoying continuous service.

Available Worldwide

Anexia operates data centers in locations worldwide. From Vienna to New York to Hanoi - always the lowest latencies.

Service Quality

Your concerns are our highest priority. At Anexia, you always speak with proper technicians and are never connected to call centers.

Certified Solutions

Anexia and all of the data centers in the Anexia WWC are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. This ensures the highest security standards, certified by TÜV Nord.

Stabile Partner

Anexia not only emphasizes its technical prowess, but also the financial stability of our company. Our Creditreform rating is 187 (very good quality). Anexia is completely free of debt and has an equity ceiling of 45%.

Numerous Functionalities

Take advantage of the large pool of functionalities offered by Anexia in our cloud. Whether it's shared storage, shared firewalls, or a simple shared USB port for your dongles. We have adequate infrastructure available that you can use for almost any purpose on a pay-as-you-go model.

Continuous Monitoring

Sit back and rely on the Anexia team. Proactive monitoring and intervention if a malfunction or power outage occurs are a standard part of our service.

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