Powerful Cloud Connect

by Anexia

Anexia Cloud Connect

A powerful connection between your infrastructure and our data center via Anexia Cloud Connect enables a host of new application scenarios. Depending on where your infrastructure is located, different technologies are used.

Anexia Cloud Connect
Scalable Scalable

Expand the capacity of your infrastructure with the power of our cloud. Horizontal as well as vertical extensions adapt your server infrastructure to any requirement that might arise. Our expert team will be pleased to help with advice and practical help.

Flexible Billing Flexible Billing

Local resources are almost never used optimally, but not with us! Our pricing model is quite simple: you pay only for what you use and what you need. Variable binding deadlines even make it possible to use resources on a temporary basis.

Usable Worldwide Usable Worldwide

With us you can use Cloud Connect worldwide. Our data centers are spread across more than locations around the globe, making Cloud Connect available almost everywhere. This reduces latency and gets you a presence in the legal jurisdictions of your choice.

1. In-Data Center Connect
2. Last Mile Connect
3. Near-Data Center Connect
4. VPN Connect

You are in our data center and connect directly with our cloud.

Connect with our data center via a leased line (such as fiber optic). We offer this option at selected centers around the world.

You are in another data center in the vicinity of our data center and can use high data rates with latencies under 2ms.

You connect from your location via an existing connection creating a site-to-site tunnel directly to our data center.

It depends on the speed

The lower the latency between your infrastructure and our cloud, the more applications are available. That's why Anexia does everything imaginable to keep the distance between you and us as short as possible.

Always the best connection
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