High-Quality Hybrid Cloud

by Anexia

Anexia's Hybrid Cloud

It doesn't always make sense to buy new hardware to meet every peak demand. Computer power and time-consuming or memory-intensive applications can exceed or tie up local capacity for a long time. Anexia's hybrid cloud offers an easy way to extend your infrastructure on demand.

Anexia's Hybrid Cloud
On Demand On Demand

You don't need to worry about anything else – as soon as you need a system or want to expand an existing one, our team's ready to advise you. All requirements can be carried out lightning-fast using virtualization options such as VMware or Hyper-V. Even the virtualization of available local server capacities is no problem.

Easily Expandable Easily Expandable

By using multiple virtualization options per site, there's no longer anything standing in your way. Let your system grow to suit your needs, with horizontal and vertical extensions that can customize your server infrastructure for every requirement.

Flexible Billing Flexible Billing

Local resources are almost never used optimally: they're always either too much or too little. Not with us! Our pricing model is quite simple: you pay only for what you use and what you need. Variable binding deadlines even make it possible to use resources on a temporary basis.

Let yourself be convinced by our references
Hybrid Cloud – A Look into the Future
Hybrid Cloud – A Look into the Future

Whether you operate your infrastructure in our data center or in your company - via Anexia Cloud Connect you can connect quickly and easily with our cloud.

In principle, you can use any of our shared services with Anexia's hybrid cloud technology on your infrastructure. Special hardware and sensitive data remains on your local server, while computationally and memory-intensive processes are easily done in the Anexia cloud. For example, render a video or an animation in our cloud to take load from your local infrastructure. Even unlimited NetApp storage space is just a few mouse clicks away on our hybrid cloud.

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