Shared Storage

by Anexia

Shared Storage – More Space for your Data

Whether you need fast access times, high throughput or lots of capacity at low cost, Anexia's shared storage systems are available on demand via all major protocols and with different tiers of storage.

Shared Storage – More Space for your Data
High Performance High Performance

You need high read and write rates (15,000 IOPs) but only minimal capacity? Anexia's shared storage is almost always the most economical solution.

Performance Guarantee Performance Guarantee

Keep your cool during load peaks. Anexia guarantees IOPs rates of its shared storage via SLA.

High Availability High Availability

All of our shared storage systems are fully mirrored and receive the comprehensive 24/7 NetApp support.

Reliable Performance for Critical Applications
Reliable Performance for Critical Applications

Anexia is a NetApp silver partner and works exclusively with high-quality storage hardware. All NetApp systems are fully mirrored with plenty of spare disks available for immediate replacement if one goes down. Our 24/7 support includes guaranteed replacement of all components within 4 hours. In addition, your data can be secured at any time with NetApp on-boards. If necessary, you can take snapshots several times daily and backup data LUN and databases on the basis of MSSQL and Oracle.

Anexia Storage Tiers

Depending on the type of data being stored, the level of data security, required write-read rates and budgeted cost per GB can vary. Thus, it makes sense to store different categories of data on different media. We can offer you everything from low-cost, but rather slow SATA storage to extremely high performance SSD storage systems.

Storage TIER


Guaranteed IOPs


Ideally suited for storing data that doesn’t require large capacity.

500 IOPs


Additional SATA storage buffered by SSD.

1.000 IOPs


High-quality SAS storage on a NetApp basis divided over several hard drives.

2.500 IOPs

High Performance SAS

We can provide more power for those who need it.

6.000 IOPs

SSD Storage

Pure SSD storage for extremely performant requirements.

15.000 IOPs

Archive and Backup Storage

Storage arrays are available to back up your data.

no SLA

The Best Possible Access to your Data
The Best Possible Access to your Data

For storage systems, IOPs performance is at least as important as a powerful connection to other infrastructure components. ANEXIA's shared storage systems can be addressed by

  • NFS
  • CIFS
  • iSCSI
  • Fibre Channel

and are redundantly linked with 1 GBit/sec and 10 GBit/sec to the Anexia Core. Fibre Channel connections can handle at least 8 GBit/sec. To compensate for the failure of individual components, all connections are, of course, redundantly connected to different switches.

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