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Virtual & Shared Firewalls – Better Safe than Sorry

Data leakage and service failures in web applications can cause financial losses, legal complications and damage to your reputation. Anexia's virtual and shared firewalls form a solid layer of security around your data and play an important role in our multi-stage defense strategy for your virtual networks.

Virtual & Shared Firewalls – Better Safe than Sorry
On Demand On Demand

Within a short time, our NOC team can provide you with a stable, cost-effective and, above all, a secure platform that fits your needs. On the client side, virtually any hardware is supported.

Performance Performance

Our virtual firewalls let you install and use high-quality firewalls for a small price. Our virtual solutions are absolutely fail-safe and have the same functionality as conventional hardware firewalls.

Transparency Transparency

The transparency of firewall services is very important to our customers. We log authorized as well as unauthorized access attempts and collect marketing-relevant data, which can be supplied to you in full as needed.

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Safety First
Safety First

Virtual Firewalls

Our virtual firewalls from Cisco exactly emulate hardware firewalls and are just a mouse click away. They complement existing hardware firewalls and enable rapid and flexible responses to current threat scenarios to protect your valuable data and virtual systems.

Shared Firewalls

Shared firewalls host multiple users on a dedicated firewall system and provide effective protection against attacks from the internet. They are set up redundantly and are available on demand. To avoid possible attacks from internal networks, these are supplemented with virtual firewalls.

Dedicated Firewalls

If required, we can also provide dedicated hardware firewalls.

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