Virtual Load Balancer

by Anexia

Load Balancing

If a server can't cope with the request load on its own, a load balancer is used to distribute the requests across multiple servers. Using this technology, Anexia has been able to handle many avalanches of simultaneous access attempts per second without any problems.

Load Balancing
Experience Experience

Anexia has been developing different variations of load balancing techniques for years. Whether you use load distribution on physical or virtual servers or on your own dedicated systems (such as F5 Load Balancer), depends entirely on your individual needs.

Load Balancing Load Balancing

Anexia's load balancer can handle almost any onslaught. With minimal configuration, we can set up load balancing across as many web servers as you like. The seamless addition or removal of web nodes to the cluster allows an easy adaptation to any scenario.

High Availability High Availability

Using load balancers not only gives your website enough power, but also more security. If one web node behind the load balancer fails, this is simply dropped from the cluster and queries are then handled by the remaining available capacity.

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Simple and Effective
Simple and Effective

Since a single server can only handle a limited amount of requests, it is important for highly available services to distribute the load across multiple systems. Our virtualized load balancers have the same set of features as our hardware versions and offer every available load balancing method. Virtual load balancers can be stored in prepared configurations and activated in seconds when needed. Active-Active mode guarantees seamless failover and fallback.

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