Python Development

by Anexia

Anexia’s Python development can solve almost every problem

Python is suitable as an all-round solution for hardware-oriented programming, web- and network apps, as well as traditional desktop applications. By using Python, even applications based on new technologies, such as WebSockets, can be implemented easily. Anexia uses Python to realize both innovative in-house software development and solutions for challenging customer projects.

Anexia’s Python development can solve almost every problem
Anexia is your partner for complex and challenging tasks
Anexia is your partner for complex and challenging tasks

Manufacturers of hardware and software solutions as well as small and medium enterprises already rely on our Python expertise. We often surprise them with innovative solution concepts and create developments that always bring the expected success for our customers. Whether used as a server-side programming language or as an online scripting language - Python is the Swiss army knife in our portfolio.

Broad Expertise Broad Expertise

Our team has experience and expertise as varied as the many applications of Python. Anexia provides you with the knowledge of senior developers in every established programming language, experienced network technicians and hardware specialists that enable us to push Python to its limits.

Peer Programming and Scrum Peer Programming and Scrum

Innovative projects require flexible development concepts. Anexia develops Python applications mostly in small, compact teams coordinated by a Scrum project manager. With this setup, we are fast and powerful.

Twenty Years of Python Experience Twenty Years of Python Experience

Our development teams have been working with Python for more than 20 cumulative years. In this time, we have built small websites as well as comprehensive high-traffic portals with the most sophisticated security requirements. Take advantage of our expertise!

Let yourself be convinced by our references
Python – the all-rounder among programming languages

A software project that requires about 10 hours with Java can be implemented with Python in 2 hours.

Python – the all-rounder among programming languages

The Python open-source programming language is easy to read as well as to maintain and comes with an extensive standard library. This platform-independent language was designed for developing small, simple programs quickly and for linking existing programs developed in different programming languages. It is easily extensible and, thanks to its object orientation, can be expanded for use in larger development projects. As a result, you’ll find Python being used by NASA, Google and YouTube as well as in the $100 laptop.

A major advantage of Python is the short development time – applications can be implemented about 5x faster than with Java or C++. The execution speed of Python is similar to that of PHP or Perl, faster than Ruby, but slower than compiled languages such as C.

A number of web application frameworks such as Django, Pylons, Flask and Zope rely on Python.

Platform independent
Low cost
Short development time
Speed similar to PHP
Easy to maintain
Only the highest standards are good enough

The highest quality, reliability and stability – these are what you would expect from an ideal business partner. We want to be that partner for our customers.

And to show that this is not an empty promise, we’ve provided the evidence. ANEXIA is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified. Our Creditreform credit rating from 2017 is 179, well above the industry average.

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