Hosted Exchange Solutions

by Anexia

Hosted Exchange Solutions by Anexia

Email has become indispensable to our daily lives and availability is as taken for granted as a dial tone. In many cases, however, email solutions rarely function as desired. That's why Anexia has created its own, highly available hosted exchange solution that is designed from the ground up to be completely fail-safe.

Hosted Exchange Solutions by Anexia
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Haven't found the right solution here? No problem! With us, you're not bound to any predefined packages. We're more than glad to develop a hosted exchange package that meets your individual needs.

With Anexia, your data stays in Austria
With Anexia, your data stays in Austria

Never has responsible treatment of data been more relevant than today. We are aware that mail hosting services are at the core of entire businesses and we don't take that responsibility lightly. Your data is available 365 days a year with our fail-safe, high-availability, securely encrypted hosted exchange cluster solutions. We can guarantee for that by distributing your data over our two geographically separated data centers in Austria.

Security Security

The security of your information is of great concern to us. For this reason, we back up your data every day in a different data center. Even if all the data is lost in location A, it is still available at location B.

Calculable Calculable

We only charge a fixed amount for your mailbox. All of the data transfer, maintenance, security and toll-free telephone support are included in the price.

High Availability High Availability

Every single component of our hosted exchange clusters is set up with complete redundancy. High quality Dell hardware, high-end Microsoft applications and a multi-redundant internet connection form the backbone of our service.

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