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Anycast – Always the best route

Typically, each server in the world has a single IP address; this concept is called unicast. The farther a server is removed from the requesting computer, the greater the latency, i.e. the delay before the response arrives. Anycast addresses this problem by requesting servers with identical content and the same IP address in different geographical zones around the world to provide the shortest response times possible.

Anycast – Always the best route
Anycast vs. Unicast

From the user's point of view, there is no difference between anycast and unicast. A user types "www.google.com" in the address bar of a browser and receives a Google search box in a split second. That the content comes from another server goes unnoticed. The main advantages of anycast are the shorter access times by using the optimal route and load distribution. Another aspect is the increased reliability through site redundancy as well as protection against attacks on a particular IP address, because these attacks can be deliberately diverted.

Protection against Attacks Protection against Attacks

We offer the best protection against all kinds of internet attacks. Attackers don't stand a chance against our global array of anycast addresses. We always determine the best route for you and make unpleasant downtime a thing of the past.

Load Balancing Load Balancing

ANEXIA thinks outside the box. We are enthusiastically and actively expanding our global network for your benefit. This is only possible by establishing high-quality peering partnerships and choosing the best hardware suppliers. Our infrastructure looks for the best routes anywhere in the world in real time and can thus provide load balancing across the globe.

Low Latency Low Latency

Proximity to the customer is particularly important for us. The closer we are to our customer, the less the latency and the higher the performance of the services we provide. With over locations all over the world, we can offer our customers perfectly tailored solutions. Speed always counts and, with ANEXIA, you always get the top speed available!

Route from Frankfurt to the Google DNS GermanyGermany
Route from Frankfurt to the Google DNS
Route from Sydney to the Google DNS AustraliaAustralia
Route from Sydney to the Google DNS
Route from Hong Kong to the Google DNS Hong KongHong Kong
Route from Hong Kong to the Google DNS
Who benefits from Anycast?
  • E-commerce providers eliminate waiting times that kill sales.
  • Content delivery networks benefit from low latency and load balancing.
  • Voice providers achieve better voice quality by low latency.
  • Gaming providers can send their customers the optimal hop at all times, thereby maximizing the quality of the gaming experience.
    ANEXIA's Anycast

    We provide our customers with eight different anycast zones; choose one or all, as many as you need.

    1 & 2 | USA / Europe
    South America
    Worldwide 1
    Worldwide 2
    Worldwide 3
    Location count:   |  North America:   |  South America:   |  Europe:   |  Asia-Pacific:   |  Australia:
    Los Angeles, Denver, New York City, London, Frankfurt, Kiev, Istanbul
    Los Angeles, Denver, New York City
    London, Frankfurt, Milan, Istanbul, Kiev, Moscow
    Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney, Taiwan
    São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile
    São Paulo, Santiago de Chile, New York City, Los Angeles, London, Vienna, Singapore, Sydney
    São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Los Angeles, Denver, New York City, London, Vienna, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Syndey
    All WWC locations
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