Data Protection and Security

at Anexia

Privacy and Security at Anexia

Data security affects every aspect of hosting and IT solutions. It starts with the initial consultation through the signing of a NDA, influences the whole development process and continues through the on-going care and maintenance of your infrastructure. The security and confidentiality of your data is our top priority!

Privacy and Security at Anexia
Anexia and Data Security
Anexia and Data Security

We are well aware that there's hardly anything that can disclose more about business processes and competitive advantages than a company's infrastructure. That's why we've had our security concept, which affects all aspects of information technology, ISO 27001 certified. Our employees receive special training on issues including physical security, IT security, social engineering, encryption as well as confidentiality and we subject our security to continuous testing. All of these aspects are also documented in detail in our mandatory corporate security manual.

Our Security Measures in Detail
Physical Security

All premises where confidential data is processed are accessible only to authorized persons. We use biometric access controls.

IT Security

Even the best physical access restriction is worthless if data can be accessed online by unauthorized parties. Our security team constantly endeavors to ensure the highest standards of protection. Our internal networks are shielded by a triple firewall with layers by different manufacturers. Customer and private employee notebooks can only logon to a LAN separate from the core network. These and many other measures effectively prevent data leaks from technical flaws.

Social Engineering

Even the most perfect technical shields fail in a social engineering attack. Our staff receive continuous training from external experts and are particularly sensitive to such attempts. To verify the effectiveness of these measures, we regularly conduct fake social engineering attacks to test our security.


When our employees work outside our offices (such as making on-site presentations), data security is guaranteed. All data is securely encrypted on hard drives so that the theft of a USB flash drive or a notebook does not represent a security risk.


Your data is at the core of your business and ours. That's why we sign non-disclosure agreements at our very first consultation. We place severe legal consequences on our staff for any data leaks to ensure that no confidential data leaves our company. We will be glad to develop a custom NDA with you to meet your requirements. Your security is important to us.

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